Monday, 1 October 2012

Pilot: Lazy Sunday

Sundays doesn't get much better when you wake up late, put on some comfortable clothes and watch some football. Sprinkle on some friends, a big screen TV and delicious snacks and it's a blissful experience. "Lazy Sunday" as I like to call my Sundays during the football season is even more electrifying when $omething extra is on the line. Just a few years ago, I was merely a sports fan tuning in to watch some Football on Sundays. However, I soon discovered the joys of fantasy football and online sports gambling and my Sundays have never been the same. So whether you're watching some football or watching the Chronicles of Narnia with some cupcakes on a Sunday, as long as you're enjoying it, I salute you. #SNACKATTACKMOTHAFUCKA

I've only started betting on Football since 2011 with mild success. I’m writing this blog to keep a tab on my progress, to be held accountable for my picks, to share them with you and to receive your feedback. Rest assured, I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is by betting on my picks.

Hoping that money in mouth becomes money in pocket

I will be posting my week 5 picks a little later on in the week. I’m hoping you’ll join me for the ride and we’ll be raking in the cash together.

Happy Winnings,



  1. Sounds like a pretty fun Sunday to me

  2. You know what they say #sundayfunday

  3. You folks know what I'm talking about! But my hashtag on Sundays are #stacksheetsunday